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he Sexton Consulting Group (SCG) team has stragically partnered with an inventment and wealth management Partners. Offering all of their personal and business financial services. Your CFO for the Affluent.

Serving clients across America and internationally. Our family office services include comprehensive wealth management for individuals and business owners. As a core global portfolio manager, we also serve institutional clients and financial advisors. Services: - Global Portfolio Management - Financial Planning - Retirement Plans - Investment Banking HOW CAN WE SERVE YOU

Our first core principle as an investment manager is to protect the capital you have entrusted to us. This is implemented through a global diversified strategy utilizing equity, fixed income, and alternative assets across our five asset allocation strategies.

We believe each client should benefit from the firm’s best thinking.
The desire for research excellence is a unique strength in our firm. As a Growth at a Reasonable Price manager (GARP), growth and value are important. We attempt to help achieve your goals through active management using a bottom-up strategy with a macro view. Our portfolios are traditionally low turnover when appropriate; but critical in this process, we maintain rational conduct in our review and analysis.

Driven by client specific and market factors, our view is fixed income is meant to provide safety and income. It is included in our asset allocation strategies to provide diversification.

We are different. The individual security selection and management of your portfolio by our Investment Research Team means that you have access to those that are making decisions on your behalf. We pride ourselves on being accessible and holding ourselves accountable as you have entrusted us with your net worth.

Defining the path. Understanding the goal allows for a strategy to be implemented with the target in mind. It is more important for you to stay disciplined towards your unique objectives than it is to compare daily fluctuations of the financial markets. Whether already in retirement or in the planning stages, our consultative goals-based approach will incorporate all aspects of your financial life to assist in providing you with a roadmap towards achieving success.

Success means something different to each person. Our goal is to help you identify what success means to you and how to align your life toward achieving what is most important.

The planning process will incorporate a thorough review of your assets and liabilities, sources and uses of income, insurance protection, and provide you with a probability of success of reaching your goals using Monte Carlo Simulation. This information is presented to you in the form of a plan that allows you to take action whether in the form of saving and investment, insurance protection, or estate planning. The plan is used as a baseline and is updated through time to assess any needed alterations and to make sure you are on track to meet your personal benchmark.

RETIREMENT PLANNING: Everything about your business is unique. Employees, goals, product, service, size, and structure are all of your own design. As a Plan Sponsor and Fiduciary, you should have a retirement plan that is tailored to fit your business.

You are a fiduciary, so are we. Plan design is critical in an attempt to limit risk and can be accomplished using an open architecture platform with personalized investment options and effective monitoring. The design incorporates key components of your business including ownership, key employees, and even your newest hire.
Expenses matter. Plan fees are transparent and can be covered by the business or passed on to participants.

Using the plan as a tool:
- Pre-Tax & Tax Conscious Savings: Your most expensive fee is most likely to be taxes.
- Employee Recruitment: The days of the pension are gone. Discover alternatives available to you and your employees to save for the future.
- Plan Layering: There are many options available to you. A discussion of your needs and goals may provide for multiple plan options.

Business owners and entrepreneurs need more than stocks and bonds.

Selling your business. You have worked hard to build a valuable asset. We have the experience and the relationships to help you realize the most from your life’s work. Whether planning ahead or looking to entertain offers for your business, we would like to help.

Transferring the business to your heirs. It’s the family business and you want your heirs to have it someday. You want them to be successful. Let’s plan ahead so you have your estate in order, retirement plan in place, and an income stream that allows you to live comfortably and not drain the business of its working capital.

Raising capital and buying businesses. Let’s face it, the equity in your business should far outpace the return you receive from your savings. That’s why you take the risk of being a business owner. How do plan to make your business grow? We love to listen and we love to help.

We are business owners too.


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