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  1. I just received a doctor's bill for service. How do I know if it's correct?

Before you pay a doctor's bill (or any bill from your medical providers), the most important document to review is the carrier's Explanation of Benefits (EOB) (see Definitions) from that medical appointment. Members should compare the EOB to the provider's bill to ensure the proper carrier discounts have been applied.

  1. If we are adding or removing employees from our medical coverage, what should I do with the carrier’s monthly invoice?

It is best to simply pay your monthly invoice as billed. Your carrier's process to add or remove an employee will require several working days and the adjustments will appear on the following month's bill.


  1. Does my deductible run on a calendar year or policy year basis?

You will need to check with your carrier. Typically, the one year period begins on January 1st of each year and ends on December 31st; however, some plans have a deductible which accumulates on a policy year basis. For example, if your policy renews on May 1st, then the one year period begins on May 1st and runs through April 30th of the following year.


  1. When can our company change to a new insurance carrier?

Your company may change carriers at any time- there is no "penalty" for cancelling coverage mid-year. Most companies, however, change or renew their plans at the end of their current plan year.


  1. Why work with Capital Benefit Partners?

We are able to navigate the numerous companies and their offerings and present to you competitive and contemporary options. In addition, we serve as your carrier advocate to keep things running smoothly. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and maximize your benefit dollars.

  1. We have financial needs too - can you help us?

Yes - To guide business owners, executives and families in attaining their investment and financial goals. We are pleased to have Capital Insight Partners (CIP)* , aligned with Sexton Consulting Group as a Strategic Partner. They are very strong in the areas of Individual and business financial planning. They offer individual one-on-one solutions. Also a fantastic resource for 401(k) and other retirement solutions. We also have Tradewind Financial - Life and Annuity Settlement Exchange -