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Business owners and HR professionals have been asking: "How can I afford quality medical benefits for my employees in this economy?" Using an efficient design of High Deductible Health Plan with Health Savings Accounts, your costs could be surprisingly affordable. And these plans allow owners and employees to share the cost and assume balanced risk.

he Sexton Consulting Group team has been consulting small to mid-size businesses for over 40+ years and can guide you in the complex, ever-changing insurance industry.

Matching your benefit goals with the right insurance carrier and program, We can provide plan design expertise and support for each of these programs.

Your goal is to attract and retain quality employees to build and maintain your business. Our goal is to provide services that can help. All of our services fall into one of the following - Individual Health, Medicare Supplement, Group Health Insurance, Voluntary Benefits, Commercial Property and Casualty. And through our strategic alliance business owners, executives and families in attaining their investment, financial goals and Retirement Planning.

About TRIG Services from Corporate Health Systems
Trig Life Services is a full-service employee training and health risk management consulting firm based in Eden Prairie, MN. Trig’s mission is to help people reduce their stress, improve their health outcomes and help drive positive change in healthcare by teaching people how to better use and navigate the healthcare system.

History: Trig Life Services was founded in August 2011 from the vision of Robert (Bob) Hanlon, CEO of Corporate Health Systems, Inc. From his vast experience and knowledge of the benefits industry, Bob recognized a need for companies to reduce their health claims through employee education and training.
Trig was formed out of Bob’s passion for improving lives, reducing unnecessary costs and helping people take a more active role in their health and medical care.

Mission Our overall mission is to change the healthcare system by educating and empowering individual consumers. On a personal level, we also want to help individuals and families get more out of their healthcare. We're trying to change healthcare, one person at a time. Join the movement.

Individual Health Insurance
For the individual, Family, or Medicare Supplement (62+) we know that the insurance decisions you make affect your family and those you care about. We can help you with your insurance needs.

In Arizona we offer Blue Cross. Click Quote or Buy for a free quote, or to sign up for individual medical coverage or medicare suppliment coverage. A Quick and easy way to enroll.

Group Health Insurance Healthy employees make for a productive workforce. Better health also means reduced absenteeism and increased employee satisfaction.

At Sexton Consulting Group, we know that the insurance decisions you make impact the lives of you and your employees. That's why we stay knowledgeable of new programs and policies. With our on-site education program and "refreshers", we keep your employees informed with information they can use.

Health Care Reform Act - Financial Impact Study
Here is a sample of what we can do for your company. Take a snapshot of where you are now and how the new Health Care Reform will affect your company. View the sample document.

Over the past few years, more insurance options are available to mid-size companies. These innovative programs are a balance of shared cost and risk for employers and employees.
- Group major medical programs
- Fully insured and self funded alternatives
- Managed care: PPO, POS, HMO options
- Tax advantaged plans: HRA, HSA, FSA and POP
- Group life insurance plans

- Dental & Vision
- Short-term disability plans
- Long-term disability plans
- Blue Cross Individual and Medicare Suppliment Plans Available Online

Voluntary Benefits
Voluntary benefits are a variety of healthcare and financial programs available to employees. Although sponsored by the employer, premiums are the employees' responsible.

Voluntary benefits offer additional health and financial security to your employee base. And when attracting and retaining employees, these programs can set you apart from your competition. Plans:
Life insurance plans, Dental & Vision plans, Short-term & Long-term disability plans, Critical illness insurance

Retirement Plans
Planning for your retirement can be overwhelming. And properly done, retirement planning requires time, commitment and expertise.

Sexton Consulting Group works with business owners to design retirement plans that meet the company's business and financial objectives. We recommend the appropriate plan which allows the business owners to maximize their contributions while controlling costs to employees. As a result, we are successful in helping companies create greater retirement savings and higher tax deductions. These opportunities include: 401(k) Plans, Profit Sharing Plans, Defined Benefit Plans

Commercial Property and Casualty
Having a safety plan in place is imperative for any business. We can work with you and our partners on all your commercial Property and Casualty Needs.

Got a question about your benefits? Simple. Call us. That's what we're here for. We've maintained close relationships with all the primary carriers for over 35 years. We know the right channels and can answer questions quickly. For claim issues, we pride ourselves in a timely resolution strategy.

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Schwartz Benefit Services, Inc
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